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etch pkg: libdbd-oracle-perl was added (1.19-0~edh.0)

| |

release: yet anather etch backports
base version: 1.17 from
oracle client version: (oracle-xe-client)

Backport from libdbd-oracle-perl 1.19 on original.

debianパッケージのある Oracle XE Clientを使用して libdbd-oracle-perlを作成。
まず、サーバ側で scottユーザを有効にしてから、

$ source /usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/client/bin/
$ perl /usr/share/doc/libdbd-oracle-perl/Oracle.ex/ "host=oracle_server;sid=XE" 'scott' 'tiger' test
Structure of test

Field name                                    | Length | Type | Type Name
NAME1                                         |     10 |    1 | CHAR
NAME2                                         |     10 |   12 | VARCHAR2


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